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What We Do:

Networking services.
Solving IT problems.
Training employees.
Maintaining IT systems.
Collecting and storing data.

Business Continuity Plan

Will Your Business Survive the Next HURRICANE?

One of the hardest questions to ask, and even harder to answer post-Dorian is, “What if the storm had hit New Providence?”

Life permitting, what would your business have done in the aftermath?

Considering the scale of the destruction, many persons don’t know how to answer those questions.

We know that we can’t stop storms from coming, we understand the consensus is that potentially bigger and more dangerous storms may come, and more frequently, so how can we protect our businesses to survive these threats?

Natural disasters aside, we must also consider additional hindrances to business operations that we experience, power outages, internet loss or degradation of services, and cyberattacks to name a few.

Alvernia Business Consulting Ltd (ABC Bahamas Ltd) is positioned to guide SMEs by answering these difficult questions using cost-effective technologies. Since the passage of Hurricane Dorian, we have assisted our affected clients with resuming sufficient operations for revenue collections. There are many infrastructure challenges to overcome in the coming months, and businesses must continue to survive until full operations can be achieved.

Let us help you assess your critical I.T. business needs and create a customized Business Continuity Plan that will ensure your company's assets are protected in the event of a disaster.